The complete toolset for event planning and marketing

Showincity is a fully integrated event management and marketing software that powers every step of your event lifecycle.
Use a single tool for a specific need or take advantage of selected features by customizing your own toolkit.


Create your event website

Create responsive event landing pages that are easily customizable and SEO-friendly.

App features:

  • Design your event website in minutes

    Drag and drop design elements or select wonderfully designed out-of-the-box website templates to have your responsive site up and running quickly.

  • Showcase your events with different layouts and modules

    Select the right speakers and event agenda layout and pick predefined modules within Showincity Website Builder to attract registrations.

  • Security with speed and integrations

    Showincity Website Builder comes with security, CDN, and third-party integrations to boost your website performance and improve event data analytics.

  • Optimize and track your web traffic

    Ensure your website performs well in search engines with SEO fields and monitor attendees interact with your site with Google Analytics connected to see where they convert or drop off.


Soar above your registration targets

Drive registrations for your events through different marketing channels and achieve bigger numbers.

Customize everything:

  • Maximize your event ticketing

    Customize ticket types and run promotional codes to get the best out of your tickets for event revenue.

  • Get revenue from other avenuess

    Monitor and control your workshop or merchandise prices to increase revenue - apart from registrations.

  • Embed widgets to boost ticketing sales

    Create embeddable ticketing widgets and feature your events on other online channels to increase sales greatly.

  • Collect actionable attendee data

    Determine your registration form logic to capture important attendee intelligence for better sales and marketing opportunities.


Engage your audience

Design, automate and send email campaigns online to reach your attendees at the right time.

  • Write emails that are beautiful

    Create sleek email templates for your email marketing campaigns with our drag and drop editor.

  • Send right messages at the right time

    Personalize and automate your emails to engage your attendees every step of the way.

  • Remarket to those who missed out

    Touch base with potential attendees over specific time periods and get them registering from their inboxes.

  • Measure your success

    Quickly analyze the results of your email marketing campaigns or dive in deeper to find out how each one fared.


A seamless onsite experience

Create an automated self check-in experience for attendees to reduce the manpower and materials needed.

  • No queue lines

    Shorten queue times through the use of QR codes and barcodes.

  • Customized name badges

    Create name badges that fit the theme of your events and strengthen your branding.

  • Collect attendee engagement data onsite

    Track how attendees interact and engage with your event through the use of session check-ins.

  • Print as you go

    Automate name badge printing and have attendees collect the badges on their own to reduce waiting time.


Bring people together

Get attendees connected with an online messaging system and create networking opportunities at your events.

  • Spark event conversations

    Give attendees the opportunities to connect with each other through digital profiles and chat.

  • Monitor chat interactions

    Analyze your attendees’ interactions to facilitate a better networking experience


Gather event intelligence

Design surveys to find out what your attendees are thinking.

  • Customizable survey forms

    Create polls and surveys that fit the theme of your event to capture the data you need from your attendees.

  • Refine future events

    Collect post-event responses to take the future of your events to the next level.

  • Analyze your survey data

    Understand what your attendees want and take action to address their enquiries or feedback.

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